Life, Style, Form and Function


These are the principles that the Lifestylist Brands were built around. Internationally acclaimed Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber is the creator of the Lifestylist Brands and is known for her sense of style and ability to transform any space from a house into a home. She enjoys the challenge of working with tight budgets and challenging spaces. The Lifestylist® Brands came to be when Suzanne Felber realized that "interior designer", "stager", "decorator", "organizer" or "chef" really didn't describe completely the services she offered. Clients were flocking to her for the unique environments she was creating that have been described as happy, comforting and inviting. That's when she decided to trademark the Lifestylist® term for indeed she was adding life to her styling. We hope you’ll visit our different pages to learn about the things we love - food, fads, furniture,fashion and having fun!