A Way With Words

Have you noticed that lately everyone considers themselves writers and love to share their writings on Facebook, Blogs, and in other social media forums? Good or bad, truly anyone can be published these days.

I have never considered myself a writer, but when I wanted to start sharing the Lifestylist story I found that the best person to write and share it was me. Just like I don't consider myself a chef (more of a cook who loves to play in the kitchen) I have never considered myself a serious author, but more of a storyteller. I like to use words to share the stories that come across. Visual person that I am, many times it's easier for me to share images than words, but I love the fact now I have the opportunity to share both. Before I share, I try to do the research and ask questions so I'm comfortable that what I'm sharing is the truth.

It amazes me that when you Google or Bing something, the results can be completely different and bring up completely different stories. That's one of the hazards of todays media - even though someone wrote it doesn't make it true. I was recently attacked by a group on Facebook that didn't have any facts and what they were stating was totally false. That was a wake-up call for me, and made me even more determined not to ever do that to someone else.

We all have been given a wonderful gift, but we need to realize the responsibilities that come with it. If it seems to good to be true? There is probably a reason. I wish just one of these emails I get about being a Nigerian princess that my 2nd uncle twice removed left millions of dollars to would be true, but instead of waiting for that day I think I'll just continue to do what I love - being a Lifestylist and sharing my stories on living your life with style.