Being a Good Neighbor To The Arts

One of the best things about locating the Home Idea Factory in Oak Cliff is that we are so close to some of the best cultural events that Texas has to offer.

The Bishop Arts District has really come alive with wonderful events that bring all of us together, West Dallas is blossoming into an incubator for artists and culinary enthusiasts, and we are within bike riding distance of the Dallas Arts District.

My favorite part of The Arts District is The Nasher Sculpture Center. I remember going there for the first time shortly after it opened and being in awe of the priceless works of art I'd only read about. Thanks to The Nasher Family, Dallas had this beautiful space where everyone could come to learn about and appreciate art.

I was heading that way last weekend to take advantage of one of the incredible free events that they were hosting in the gardens. All Summer they have their 'Til Midnight at The Nasher where you can bring a blanket and enjoy live bands, films and Wolfgang Puck picnics under the stars. It's truly magical, and I plan my calendar around being in town for these any time that I can. As I was coming over the beautiful new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge I was blinded - literally - by the sun bolts that were being reflected off of the new Museum Tower. Keep in mind I was a few miles away, but the reflection was blinding, and I was going down a very busy roadway. It's hard to believe that there hasn't been some serious accidents because of the glare already.

Here's the rub: The Museum Tower gamma rays are not only a hazard to motorists, it's destroying the gardens and works of art at The Nasher Sculpture Center. When I was there for some of the 'Til Midnight events you could see and feel the damage - the reflection was actually raising the temperature in the sculpture gardens! A building that is promoting being a part of the arts district is it's biggest foe. And they are being bullies and telling The Nasher that THEY need to make changes to their building!

The Museum Tower is owned by The Dallas Police and Fire Pension. With prices for the luxury condos starting at $1,200,000 I don't think any fireman or police officers will be moving in any time soon. Plus if I was an arts patron, I sure wouldn't be moving in either - I'd be embarrassed to have to tell someone I lived there when the building is contributing to hurting the arts community I'd be moving to.

It's time for The Museum Tower to step up and to become a good neighbor. With the new Klyde Warren Park opening up across the street, I have no doubt that they will be having a lot of the same issues that The Nasher Sculpture Center is having. I respect companies that are big enough to admit they made a mistake and fix it instead of bullying everyone around them. The Museum Towers was a wonderful concept - I hope they can "see the light" and make it the patron of the arts that it was meant to be.