Celebrating The American Farmer

Like so many people around the world, today's Super Bowl wasn't to me about who was playing or who won the game, it was about the ads, and knowing which would be the topics of conversation when we go back to work on Monday.
This Lifestylist® has been predicting for months that farmers are going to be the next cycle of celebrities, and after watching the Dodge Ram commercial during the Super Bowl, I think my prediction is going to come true.
It was beautifully shot, had a wonderful message and encouraged you to celebrate and support the Future Farmers of America organization - a perfect trifecta.
Will this message and commitment by Dodge to make this The Year of the Farmer influence my purchasing? It actually might. I support companies that I trust and believe in, and that are committed to causes that are important to me. What I do know is that I'll definitely be at least looking at their products and I wouldn't have in the past.
Farmers are so important to this country, and they have been unsung heroes for a long time. Visit your local farmers market, and buy local whenever you get a chance. Let's make this the year that farmers get the recognition and thanks they deserve.