Chefs For Farmers Event Lives Up to Great Expectations

Thank heavens we bought our tickets for this event as soon as they went on sale - not only was it sold out, attending made you one of the luckiest foodies in town.
Chef For Farmers: Mixin it up On The Blvd was the perfect size - not so big that it was a mob scene, and not so small that you felt like there weren't enough choices. We spread our quilt out under the magnolia tree and took our time grazing through all of the offerings. Live music was provided by Chef Dean Fearing and The Lost Coyote - they rocked it! The chefs, wine makers, and spirits artists seemed to be really enjoying themselves as well - it was a laid back, lazy day.
It's hard to chose which offerings were my favorites, but for some lucky charity being teamed with the favorite food will have it's benefits. Artizone sponsored a best dish contest with a $2,500 prize - half of that will go to the restaurant or chef and the other half will go to the charity. We were asked to bring our own wine glasses which we would leave with Chefs For Farmers and would be donated to Cafe' Momentum - another great idea, and did you know that Chefs for Farmers donates 100% of it's profits to various non-profits?
I think one of the nicest and most talented chefs in Dallas today is Tiffany Derry - I can tell why she was voted fan favorite on Top Chef. She had Fried Green Tomatoes today with a seafood medley on top, and when I asked for a serving without the seafood for the vegetarian in the group she personally made one up. And the dish was perfection - not easy to do when you are frying in the middle of a park.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who made this event as special as it was - I can't wait to enjoy this every year.