Creating Memorable Model Homes

Did you see the article recently about the Giant Paper Airplane Project? It was a project that was accomplished at The Pima Air Museum - a very cool place in Tucson, AZ.
When Lifestylist Design is asked to do a new model home, the first thing we do is get an idea of what hobbies, interests, etc. the new buyer might have, and where they might work. We did a model home a few years ago for Canoa Homes and found that many of the potential buyers would be coming from the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base or be employed by some of the local aviation companies. There is also an aviation "boneyard" that a lot of people don't know about but it's an amazing place where thousands of planes are stored around the air force base where they are used for parts or put back into service when needed.
We decided to go with an aviation theme and visited the Pima Air Museum - camera in hand. You have to visit yourself to appreciate it - they truly do showcase aviation history. They sell old plane parts in the gift shop so we loaded up on those and bought a flight suit for our jr aviator.
Take a look at how the home looked when it was finished. We definitely targeted the right demographics - most of the people who did buy in the community were military or in the aviation fields.
It takes a little bit more work to create a model home that has lifestyle and personality incorporated into it, but our clients will tell you that is what makes the difference between a successful model home that sells and just another pretty home.