There's been a lot of talk lately how the bee population is dwindling, but that doesn't seem to be the case around The Home Idea Factory - we have three swarms of them that have decided to take up residence. I didn't want to call an exterminator and kill them, so I got online and came up with a better solution - Home & Hive.

This impressive business is owned by Monica Walters - a second generation beekeeper who has come up with a patent pending solution with her Dad that repels the bees and encourages them to move elsewhere. When she came I was looking for heavy equipment and gadgets, but all that she needed fit in her pocket. They guarantee that the bees will abandon the hive within 48 hours - pretty amazing!

We love supporting companies like Home & Hive - eco- friendly, woman owned and very forward thinking.  Looking forward to enjoying a bee free Summer thanks to Monica!