The 28th Annual Avon Corn Festival

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very serious about my corn on the cob. I spent many of my formative years in Western NY and Erie PA -areas that I think grow the sweetest corn on Earth. If it isn't fresh I'll pass -life is too short to eat bad food :)

A few years ago I heard about the Avon Corn Festival which is held in Avon NY. Situated near the Finger Lakes, this area is beautiful and the produce grown here is worth a drive or flight to enjoy. The Corn Festival celebrates the corn harvest and has a street fair, entertainment, bake sales, petting zoos for the kids and a corn eating contest.

Hosted by the Avon Rotary Club, the highlight of the show has to be the fresh corn and corn fritters that the club cooks. It's really interesting to see how they cook thousands of ears of corn - all in one day, and the fritter grill is always full. I just wish you could get them more than once a year!

After enjoying some at the festival I got some to go, we'll see if I can keep from eating them before breakfast.