Mavatar Helps Us Become Your Personal Shopper

There is so much new technology that comes out every day it's hard to keep up! We try and test out the ones that look interesting, and most we try once and then move on.

Mavatar which is a new shopping experience has reached out to The Lifestylist Brands and asked us to be a featured editor for them. We have worked with some other platforms in the past with limited success - they were too difficult to use, didn't offer the right products or the pricing wasn't competitive. We are happy to say that Mavatar seems to have learned from what others are doing and now has made it super easy for us to become your personal shopper.

Shop My Mavatar Cart

We used the Mavatar site to put together this collection of rugs that are all different prices and sizes. We loved the colors, opportunity to use some of them indoors and out, and the fact that you can have one sent to your home with one click.

Please take a look and let us know what you think - we are really excited about the future of this technology.