A Different Point of View

Valentines Day was perfect in Dallas - absolutely beautiful weather, I made it home to my family, and spent a lazy day doing the things I love including visiting the Dallas Farmers Market.

As a Lifestylist® I really believe in the benefits of eating well and supporting other local businesses - not only at home but in the cities I visit. The Dallas Farmers Market is becoming a mecca for artisans that want to see if owning a businesss is really for them, and also the perfect place to do some serious people watching.

I'm always curious when I'm somewhere like this and see photographers shooting away - what are they seeing that I'm not? Are they taking photos for themselves or for publication? I noticed this couple setting up some really interesting shots so I had to ask them where I might be able to view them.


It turns out that Grace is a student at SMU and recently started a blog that hopefully she'll be sharing her Farmers Market photos on. It's really exciting to view how someone else sees the world, and we really like Grace's interpretations.

You can see and learn more about Grace and see her work at: Grace Guthrie Photo