Writers Block

It's so easy to worry about finding the next story or filling space on a blog, but in the process you forget to enjoy what's in front of you.

It's something I've been working on, and as a result have been posting more on Instagram than on my blogs - I truly love the instant sharing Instagram provides.

May has been a wet one for Dallas, and as a result the Trinity River is  higher than it has been in ages. I knew I had a ton of projects on my desk, but I needed to take the time to experience this in person. Renowned photographer Lisa Stewart of Lisa Stewart Photography and I went down to the riverfront during the day and night and not only were able to capture this on "film" but we also had a great time just appreciating the beauty of Dallas and mother nature.

Please be patient with me. I have so many great stories and places to share, but life needs to be about living first. Next week I'm going to NYC for a week to just learn and explore - I can't wait! Lots more coming soon... promise.