We've Got a New Look!

It literally took us years, but we finally have a new look and logo for The Lifestylist Brands! We have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to create a logo that would be as unique as our company, and when someone mentioned looking Etsy to be honest I thought they were crazy! Turns out I was the crazy one - I found lots of creative, fresh talent there that that I have hired not only to do my logo but also to do watermarks and templates for some of my blogs.

I did spend a lot of time searching through what was up to find someone who has the look I was looking for, but when I did the cost was so reasonable (starting at under $100) it was worth the research time.

Stevie Ann Clark is the talent behind what you see above. She was so easy to work with, immediately understood what I was looking for and when I asked for changes she did them immediately. I can't say enough good things about her and can't wait to hire her again.

You never know where you'll find great design - we are just happy we found Stevie.