Becoming a Master of the Kitchen

I'll be the first to say that even though I am a Lifestylist and can cook I'm not a chef. The kitchen is my favorite place to spend time in my home and it's truly the heart of the Home Idea Factory.

When Thermador invited me to come to California and take their Thermador Masters class I got on the next plane! Even though I've been madly in love with their appliances for years and have their refrigeration in my own home, the thought of baking in their steam convection ovens or in that stunning 60" Pro Grand Stem oven intimidated me. I know I'm not alone - I have clients that have invested in entire kitchens of these beautiful products but have never used some of the best features they offer. How many people have bought a really cool item but didn't have the patience to read the manual to be able to use the features that you paid extra for?

At the Masters class we were able to learn about what makes Thermador, Bosch and Gaggenau so special.  We also spent time in the Thermador kitchen with their patient, talented super chefs cooking up meals we got to enjoy. I made my first Buerre Blanc sauce and even though I have never cooked seafood was able to help cook up some tasty Shrimp and Grits and scallops for my sauce. It's amazing how good something can taste when you have a hand in making it.

What a special few days -I made wonderful new friends and can't wait to share all of the tips and knowledge that I'm heading home with including my Thermador Masters diploma!