When Pigs Fly

My New Guardian Piglet at Lula B's

My New Guardian Piglet at Lula B's

Never say never. I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who have stores or retail jobs - I've done both and it's incredibly hard work, and I swore that was a path I'd never head down again - only if pigs fly.

But today I'm driving to Lula B's with a pig in my lap that's going to be flying over our latest Lifestylist endeavor - a booth where we'll be selling and leasing some of our carefully curated collections.

I've spent a lifetime collecting things I love and the stories that go with them. My parents are ready to sell their lake home and downsize which means some of my Moms collections are up for grabs too, including a very rare set of Salvation Army china from England. What I hope will make us unique is that I'm going to stage everything in a collection, and hope to constantly change out what we are featuring that week.

This little happy pig is one fo the things I've been saving and collecting since I've owned a pig (or two or three!) of my own, and she was the first treasure to find a new home in my space - I thought it would be easy to tell people to just look for the flying pig to find us.

We opened for business today and never fail - the first call I got was from someone who wanted to buy my pig! I've learned never to say no to a potential buyer, so I quoted a ridiculous price. If she's gone when I go in tomorrow I'm going to be really sad, but know that she's going to a great home.  I'm excited about our newest adventure!