Writers Block

Writers Block.JPG

It happens to all of us - you have lots to say but can't seem to get it on paper. The good news is that all of us at The Lifestylist Brands have been so darn busy it's been impossible to keep up with the wonderful jobs that our clients have rewarded us with and do marketing / social media about ourselves as well. It's been a great problem to have.

Our very own Lifestylist® has been on the road styling the Bosch and Thermador booths at the International Show, speaking about trends in manufactured housing in Madison, Wisconsin and designing corporate luxury apartments in the Finger Lakes for The Riedman Companies. She also loves to volunteer, and helping out at the TEXSOM International Wine Awards and A Dame Good Party have kept us well fed and in the know about interesting wines and trends in the food industry.

When we saw a Malbec wine named Writers Block we immediately knew it was one we had to try. And we are so glad that we did! Velvety smooth, dark cherry notes, and it just made me happy -and ready to sit down and write again. Give it a try - it's from Steele Wines in the Lake Country area of California. Can't wait to get going and writing again!