Amazon Fresh: An Idea That's Time Has Come


I have had it with my local grocery store. It's part of a national chain that doesn't seem to be paying attention to what's going on - between the shelves being full of expired products,  bruised produce that has no flavor, a deli department that doesn't know their fractions (every time I ask for a 1/4 lb of ham they don't know what to do!) and disinterested employees, I decided it was time to try our something that I have been reading about - Amazon Fresh.

Amazon asked me recently to become an Amazon Influencer and even gave me my own Lifestylist List shop where I can share my favorite Amazon finds - this has to be one of my favorites!

I'm really picky about what I eat and since I do food styling how the food looks is very important to me as well. There are some recipes I have been wanting to work on and try out, but every time I go to the grocery they are out of a key ingredient or I forget something. 

They are offering a great promotion (click above) so we decided to use the free trial and try it out - we are so glad that we did! I placed my order about 7pm that night, and everything I needed to make my Candy Bar Cakes and Lemon Squares was available. I also decided to try some produce like zucchini, lettuce, and onions, bananas, avocados to see how fresh it would be. I asked for a 7am delivery and there it was on my doorstep the next day just as requested! It's still hot as heck in Texas, and I loved how they used frozen water bottles to keep everything cold. They worked perfectly, and the bottled water was mine to enjoy.

Candy Bar Cakes 57.jpg

Great news - everything was even better than I expected! I haven't bought a meal out since my order arrived,  and I finished my testings and recipes for the Candy Bar Cakes today - you can check out the recipe here.

Amazon Fresh is only available in limited markets, but if it's available in yours, give it a try and let us know what you think.