Mobile Home Makeovers

Clayton Bayside After21.jpg

You do what? When people ask me what I do for a living, they usually aren’t prepared for the answer. Our favorite part of our Wine.Dine.GreatDesign Lifestylist Brand is that we decorate mobile homes. Those homes that are built in a factory, and go down the road on wheels to a homesite where they are finished out to become someone’s dream home. Our industry prefers to call them manufactured or factory built homes, but a large part of our consumer base still calls them mobile homes, so it’s the perfect place to start a conversation.

CD Yukon After 58.jpg

As an industry, we’ve come a long way. Gone are the days when inferior products and construction techniques are used to build these homes - in fact since 1976 our homes are built to strict HUD building codes which are a national certification. The three industry leaders - Clayton Homes, Cavco Industries and Champion Homes build beautiful homes at affordable prices.

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The Lifestylist Brands has been nationally recognised for our home merchandising, and our makeover services have earned us quite a following. We like to say that anyone can spend large amounts to design a beautiful home, but doing it on a shoestring budget takes talent. Add to that using existing furniture and decor items and making an award winning home that consumers want to buy furniture and all… that’s our passion.

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Mobile Home Makeovers is where we showcase our before and after photos and stories. We’ve had to overcome some rather daunting challenges in some of the homes, but the results and looks on the new homeowners faces are more than worth it.

We are hoping to expand this service and work with selected manufactured home owners that may need a little advice and staging to help their homes sell - stay tuned!