"Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee"

You never know where you will run into greatness. One evening I was in a bookstore in Mishawaka Indiana and was determined to find a particular magazine that my work was featured in. I almost ran into a tall, distinguished man and it took a few minutes for it to register, but I had almost knocked over Muhammad Ali. He gave me a big smile and we both went our separate ways but I'll never forget the smile and the twinkle in his eyes. I couldn't believe it was him, but found out later that he lived nearby in Niles, Michigan and it was his daughter Laila that was with him.

This week I was in Canandaigua, NY working at The Hammocks at Canandaigua and was excited to see that the lilacs were blooming. These are some of my favorite flowers and you have to enjoy them for the short times they are in bloom, then wait for next year. I was breathing in their intoxicating fragrance and taking a few photos when this stunning butterfly decided to join me and feast on their nectar. He truly floated over these delicate blooms and allowed me to get a few shots then went on to the next.

When I just heard about the death of Muhammad Ali I immediately thought of this photo - beauty, defying gravity and a very special grace that makes you smile. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family with thanks for sharing this great man with all of us.