Life, Style, Form and Function


These are the principles that the Lifestylist Brands were built around. Internationally acclaimed Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber is the creator of the Lifestylist Brands and is known for her sense of style and ability to transform any space from a house into a home. She enjoys the challenge of working with tight budgets and challenging spaces. The Lifestylist® Brands came to be when Suzanne Felber realized that "interior designer", "stager", "decorator", "organizer" or "chef" really didn't describe completely the services she offered. Clients were flocking to her for the unique environments she was creating that have been described as happy, comforting and inviting. That's when she decided to trademark the Lifestylist® term for indeed she was adding life to her styling.



Living Life Beautifully


This is done by helping to organize existing product lines, evaluating and updating merchandise, and helping to develop new exciting, targeted ideas to help increase sales.




The Hammocks apartment communities

The Lifestylist Brands has designed the clubhouses, apartment homes and corporate apartments for The Riedman Companies in numerous cities in New York and Pennsylvania and YES! Communities in Oklahoma and Texas.

Pretty Fab Homes

Manufactured Housing

It is our goal to change people's perceptions about manufactured housing by forming American Housing Advocates and designing some of the best looking homes you'll ever see (or live in) for industry leaders like Clayton Homes, Champion Homes and Cavco Industries.



we go off-road

We love discovering the roads less traveled and sharing our discoveries with our followers. The Finger Lakes region of New York State is an example of a spectacular travel destination that we have been able to share.


the lazy cook

We may not be chefs, but we know our way around the kitchen. We love coming up with lifestyle inspired dishes that are easy to prepare using local, seasonal ingredients. Weekends you can usually find us at a farmers market or picking what's in season at a farm.

Sharing The Stories


We are so fortunate to be able to take the road less traveled and discover people and places that have a great story to share.


Remodeling and Home Design
Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators