Your Life. Your Style. Your Way.


It's All About You

The tag line for the Lifestylist® Brands has always been "It's All About You". I didn't want the brand to be about me telling people what to do - I wanted to listen to people's wants, needs, and desires, and dreams. My goal is to help them achieve those even when they don't know that's what they are really searching for. I don't want to dictate, I want to educate.

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Your Home

A home should be as unique as the people who live there, and helping consumers discover their "inner-stylist" is something that brings us great joy. Whether you live in a mansion or mobile home, we have beautiful solutions for living your life with style.

If you are looking for a solution to organize, re-design, or renovate your home this is the resource that can help you do it in a fun, cost effective manner.

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Creative Solutions

The Lifestylist® Brands specialize in helping companies deliver creative solutions to consumer targeted projects. Combining creativity with practicality allows us to deliver results that enable consumers to participate not just speculate.

By actually designing and working on our homes and products from coast to coast we get to meet and listen to your wants and needs.

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